Special Valuation Branch (SVB)
  • Assisting in preparing Special Valuation Branch questionnaire.
    • Questionnaire is to be filled by importers who are related to the foreign suppliers. So we assist clients in preparation of the questionnaire in prescribed format.
  • Settling written submission containing a discussion of facts & law applicable, settled judicial pronouncement, etc.
    • Assist clients for settling written submission in order to establish its pricing at arms length in respect to Special Valuation Branch (SVB)
  • Assisting in personal hearing conducted by Special Valuation Branch department.
    • Appearing in personal hearing before Custom Cuthorities- Special Valuation Branch Department on behalf of clients.
  • Assistance in De-bonding.
    • Help clients in understanding the de-bonding procedure of bonded goods & premises under custom license.
  • Establishing valuation method adopted by the company.
    • Special Valuation Branch specializing in investigation of transactions between importer and supplier involving special relationships between them and certain special features having impact on value of import goods. There are different methods for valuations of imported goods and assistance is provided to client in adopting the most suitable method for valuation purpose.
  • Complete assistance for any Special Valuation Branch proceedings.
    • Representing clients in customs valuation proceedings whenever imports are made from related parties.
  • Assisting in return of security deposit & cancellation of PD bonds.
    • After obtaining final SVB order, we assist clients in getting the additional duty deposited & cancellation of bonds executed for provisional assessment.
Foreign Trade Policy (FTP)
  • Assisting obtaining required registration & licenses.
    • Help clients in obtaining Registration cum membership certificate & licensing of import & export under Foreign trade policy
  • Assistance in availing benefits under Foreign Trade Policy policies.
    • Identification & helping clients in utilizing the various benefits which are available in respect of import & export under Foreign Trade Policy.
  • Advisory and operational assistance for availing benefits under Free Trade/Regional Trade Agreements.
    • A free trade agreement lifts all trade barriers to trade and foreign investment. Member nations signing a regional trade agreement agree to eliminate trade tariffs on exports and imports. This promotes and increases trade among member nations of a free
      trade agreement bloc. Help in identifying & taking greater advantage of the benefits of increased trade under the Agreement.
  • Maintaining and updating the records in compliance of procedure as per the policy norms.
    • Help in maintaining proper updated records & documents in compliance with the various norms & measures of foreign trade policy and official documents of the free trade agreements on regular basis which are necessary for availing benefits & incentives under the policies.
  • Assistance in filing claims & reliefs as per the policy norms.
    • Help clients in claiming relief under Duty exemption /remission scheme, EPCG scheme and claiming other benefits under Foreign Trade Policy.
Trade Facilitation
  • Obtaining required registrations & licenses.
    • Trade facilitation looks at how procedures and controls governing the movement of goods across national borders can be improved to reduce associated cost burdens and maximize efficiency while safeguarding legitimate regulatory objectives. Documentation and registration issues can be confusing and adversely impact trade. So we assist clients in obtaining
      license & registration certificates.
  • Assistance in availing benefits under Foreign Trade Policy schemes.
    • Identifications of various benefits available to clients under various schemes such as Focus Market Scheme, Focus Product Scheme, VKGUY scheme, Status Holder Incentive Scheme, EPCG Scheme etc.
  • Setting up and operationalising EOUs/STP units/SEZ units.
    • Special Economic Zone or SEZs, Export Oriented Undertakings or EOUs, Software Technology Park or STP are created to provide an internationally competitive environment for export promotion & encouraging investment so we assist clients in developing & running EOUs/STP units/SEZ units.
  • Identifying benefits and exemptions under SEZ,EOU,STP schemes.
    • Assist clients in availing the benefits available under SEZ, EOU, STP schemes like Income Tax benefits, Customs Duty Exemption in full on imports, Central Excise Duty Exemption in full on indigenous procurement, Central Sales Tax Reimbursement on indigenous purchase against form C etc.
  • Advice on various Incentive schemes such as Advance Authorization, Export promotion Capital Goods (EPCG), Duty Free Import Authorization (DFIA).
    • Assistance in all areas starting obtaining such licences to surrender the licenses.
  • Assistance in issuance of Duty Credit scrips such as Focus Product Scheme (FPS), Focus Market Scheme (FMS), Status Holder Incentive Scheme (SHIS), Vishesh Krishi Gram Upaj Yoajana (VKGUY)
    • Assistance to clients in respect to all formalities in various department to adjust the service tax/excise duty against the scrips.
  • Advice on adjustment of Service Tax/ Excise Duty against Focus Product Scheme (FPS), Focus Market Scheme (FMS), Status Holder Incentive Scheme (SHIS), Vishesh Krishi Gram Upaj Yoajana (VKGUY).