• Dated 23rd December, 2022
Tax Alert

Imposition of Anti-Dumping Duty on Stainless Steel Seamless tubes Pipes orignating from China

The Customs authority held that the said subjected goods as mentioned above are imported in India below the normal market value of the said designated authority, as a result the domestic industries suffered huge loss on account of subject of import from the exported country. Due to this said issue the Customs authorty decided to impose anti dumping duty on the subjected goods to remove the injury of the domestic industries.

In the above attached notification 31/2022, dated 20.12.22, the customs authority has presented a table where the subjected goods are mentioned as per the country of Origin and export along with it's producer in relation with it's unit of measurement in MT along with their respective rate of anti dumping duty which is mentioned in the USD currency.

The Anti Dumping duty imposed on the subjected goods shall be effective for the period of five years. For the purposes of this notification, the rate of exchange applicable for calculation of such anti dumping duty shall be exercised on the basis of the section 14 of the Customs Act,1962.